61u7hsheyzlI am down but not out for good!

While people on the southeast coast are evacuating for Hurricane Matthew, I am dealing with weather aggravated symptoms brought on by the same storm. I expect, as the storm travels north, I will feel worse. But unlike a house hit by the storm, I will shed the worst symptoms as the storm dissipates. And unlike those fleeing the course of the storm, I am waiting it out with all the comforts of home — including electricity (not to be taken for granted, as many in Florida can tell you today).

Since even mild mental exertion hurts, I’ll probably continue reading The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place to pass the time.


P.S. Cover of book mentioned in comments:


And, yes — I do like the artwork! Reminds me of a silk wedding dress I once embroidered with ferns.




3 thoughts on “No post today – weather on the way

  1. Are you enjoying “The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place? I am a perpetual cover-judger and that cover has me intrigued.

    Dan and I are reading “Wildwood” and each evening as I read I think “Julia might enjoy this!” The artwork is WONDERFUL!


    1. I will look up “Wildwood.” I picked up the first book in the Incorrigible series at the library with Daniel. I didn’t notice – he did! — that it was “first in a series.” I am in book 4 and still don’t have answers to mysteries from book 1. I will not be enjoying this series much longer if some answers aren’t forthcoming soon.


  2. Oh, no! I’ve read through Book 5 — only to learn that Book 6 isn’t available yet. This is one reason I don’t like to pick up a book that says Volume I on the cover. I don’t like to wait for the conclusion.


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